CharonDell argued that it could keep robo-calling a woman's mobile phone with robo-messages about her Dell debt until Hell Froze Over.

The fact that she'd withdrawn her consent (from a Happier Time, no doubt – one that involved getting boxes full of neat computer stuff) didn't matter to the Dellsters.

"Hell hasn't frozen over yet", their lawyers must have urged.

"The underworld remains quite warm", they likely added, noting with a Hint of Skepticism that even a frosty River Styx — or, indeed, one full of bobbing ice cubes — might not suffice.

And the district court agreed!

But not the Third Circuit. The panel thus sent Ms. Gager's case under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act back to the district court. Gager v. Dell Fin'l Services, LLC, No. 12-2823 (3d Cir. Aug. 22, 2013).