Vault SealVault just came out with its 2015 rankings of the Best Law Firms.

In the Litigation Boutiques category, Susman Godfrey L.L.P. won top honors. Vault's Overview notes:

Count Susman Godfrey . . . as one of the true boutiques. The litigation star maintains five offices — its Houston headquarters, a smaller Dallas branch, two offices on the west coast and a branch in New York — that house a total of 107 attorneys. Its small size notwithstanding, the firm handles truly megawatt cases. Its associates earn as much as (or often more than) their peers at much larger firms.

SG got 45.9 percent of votes nationwide; the first runner-up received 24.61.

The firm in fact has out-polled all other litigation boutiques in each of the four years that Vault has published results for Best Law Firms.