We round up the most significant appellate decisions relevant to commercial litigation each week.

Judgment in German action didn’t bar claim that defendant could (but didn’t have to) bring as counterclaim.

Loan contract that limited arbitration to claims under tribal law violated public policy.

Amount in controversy for purposes of removal under CAFA includes “reasonably possible” punitive damages.

Network monitor patent did more than embody abstract idea under Alice.

Researchers qualified as inventors of patents on cancer-targeting antibodies.

Claim that offshore drilling contract resulted from bribery didn’t defeat $622 million arbitration award for its breach.

Fair value of firm could equal value of its stock.

FAA exempts contracts with international transport workers who don’t cross any state line.

ERISA doesn’t preempt contract claims for insurer’s breach of promise to pay out of network charges.

Making twin of U.S. pizza joint in Scotland didn’t violate U.S. copyright or trademark law.

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