Shutterstock_151204913No more over-the-air TV on your laptop?

The Supreme Court today struck a mighty blow against Internet television.

Firms that beam television programs to Internet users for a fee now face staggering liability for copyright infringement.

The 6-3 Court held that Aereo infringed the copyrights of content owners by enabling subscribers to select the channels

Inhale, Inc., got a copyright certificate from the U.S. Copyright Office for a hookah that featured a skull-and-crossbones design.

A month later, Inhale sued Starbuzz Tobacco for infringing the copyright.

But Starbuzz's hookah didn't include the osseous symbol that appears often on pirates' Jolly Rogers.

The lack of bony stuff didn't matter, Inhale puffed, due to the

The right to due process limits an award of punitive damages to, oh, about 10 times the amount of actual damages. State Farm Mut. Auto. Ins. Co. v. Campbell, 538 U.S. 408 (2003).

Does the same 10x cap apply to a verdict falling within a range that Congress set by statute?

No, it doesn't, the

If you could see Blawgletter right now, you might notice some blushing. For that of which we write betrays a streak we prefer not to show.

The story begins Monday morning, when we heard a U.S. Supreme Court justice mention "Coke on Littleton, 1628" — and instantly knew what he meant. Why the blaze of recognition? It came because we'd lately