Hairless CEO to Dilbert's pointy-hair boss:    Did you know that poor people invented ethics to control rich people?

Hairless CEO to empty space:    Nice try, poor people! It's not working!

Hairless CEO to pointy-hair boss:    If they haven't killed me by now, a little trash talk won't make any difference.

Scott Adams, Dilbert, Sept. 14, 2012.

The WSJ has a front-page online item on an effort within the American Bar Association to change the rule on who can own law firms. Right now, only lawyers can, as a matter of legal ethics, share in law firm equity. But the rule differs in U.K. and even more so Down Under.

People who

Do you think a Supreme Court justice who has given good wishes, outside of court, to one side or the other should sit in judgment of the case?

Should we hold the justice who chooses to remain on the case accountable for his or her recusal decision?

The Chief Justice of the Court devoted his

The Ninth Circuit today took pains to express its disdain for counsel's role in goading a district judge into Kafkaesque rulings. 

Holding that the district court abused its discretion in denying a request for more time and erred in granting summary judgment (and awarding almost $250,000 in attorney's fees!) against the plaintiff, who claimed to have