Vexing judges


Bryan Garner  writes in his ABA Journal column that "[t]here's a disconnect between what judges say they want" in briefs "and what lawyers give them."

He offers three reasons to favor the judges' view — "the 'halo effect'", "less is more", and "easy is better".

While Blawgletter agrees with each point

Did you see the piece in the March 2013 issue of ABA Journal by Bryan Garner? The guy who edits Black's Law Dictionary? Author of books on American, legal, and American-legal prosel. He wrote "Why lawyers can't write".


Mr. Garner said the great mass of legal writers think themselves Far Better at pen- and keyboard-wielding than the

Working with smart, funny, and creative people brings lots of rewards. 

This month, one of the smartest, funniest, and most creative people Blawgletter knows (and once had the pleasure of working with) wrote a thought piece on legal blogging — what she calls blawgging.  She titled it "If a Blawgger Blawgs in the Forest