The Cameron (Texas) Herald reports today:

After just a little more than two hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Luminant in its breach of contract case against Alcoa.

After resting their case in chief, the attorneys for Luminant requested a directed verdict for a second time, but the request was denied.

On Wednesday the jury heard closing arguments and received their charge.

Alcoa was seeking $500 million in damages contending Luminant manipulated electricity prices for power used to operate Alcoa’s Rockdale Operations. Luminant officials have denied Alcoa’s claims.

The case was heard in Judge Ed Magre’s 20th District Court.

Blawgletter had the honor of representing Luminant.  

We note that the jury also awarded Luminant $10 million and that a bench trial to determine Luminant's reasonable attorneys' fees will begin on Monday.