A Seattle jury today hit Motorola with a $14 to $15 million damages award for bad faith in negotiating to license patents that Microsoft's Xbox and Windows products infringe.

The dispute involved patents that Microsoft holds on technologies relating to wireless local area networks and video coding.

Two standard-setting organizations (SSOs) incorporated the Motorola technologies into standards that they set — H.264 and 802.11

A law prof at a small school in the Golden State opined that the jury in Apple v. Samsung went Way Too Far when on August 24 it awarded Apple almost $1.05 billion after finding that Samsung copied — very much on purpose — Apple's smartphone designs.

His analysis? That an "average smartphone may arguably

The Cameron (Texas) Herald reports today:

After just a little more than two hours of deliberation, the jury returned a verdict in favor of Luminant in its breach of contract case against Alcoa.

After resting their case in chief, the attorneys for Luminant requested a directed verdict for a second time, but the request was