A couple weeks ago, if you found yourself in downtown Philadelphia, you could've stopped in the U.S. courthouse there and seen Blawgletter argue a Rule 23(f) appeal to an impressive panel of the Third Circuit Court of Appeals.  The appeal challenges an order certifying a class of Philadelphia-area cable subscribers.  Behrend v. Comcast Corp., No. 10-2865 (3d Cir.).  The judges asked lots of questions.  We like that.

Anyway, the appeal and the trial court proceedings that preceded it gave us a fair grasp of the State of the Law on class certification, particularly in antitrust Cases.  And this coming Tuesday we'll have the chance to share what we've learned in a Practising Law Institute webinar.  For info on the program and how to sign up, go here.

We wrote a paper for the webinar.  Email us or post a comment if you'd like a copy.

The Third Circuit panel directed the parties to provide a transcript of the argument.  We'll send you a copy of that, too, if you request it via an email or comment.