When Blawgletter last reported a few weeks ago on the Supreme Court of Texas, we didn't think the Court could top its record of ruling against each and every plaintiff unanimously.

We feel dumb today.

The court issued five opinions, with no dissents, in which their honors ruled for the defendants without exception.

In only one of the cases did any of the justices put his or her name on the opinion. Per curiam — by the court — emblazoned all the rest.

What should we make of the fact that the court has lately uniformly and unanimously struck down any judgment that favored a plaintiff and upheld any in which the defendant prevailed?

You may want to consider filing your case if possible in another state or choose arbitration.

Not that long ago, the court convinced many sister supreme courts to follow its lead with the persuasiveness of its reasoning. The court at the time had a balance of Democratic and Republican members. See Balance on Texas Supreme Court = Most Influence.