We round up the most significant appellate decisions relevant to commercial litigation each week.

Welcome back to The Contingency!

Starting next Wednesday, we’ll resume a weekly schedule for posting a roundup of the biggest commercial-law rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, the 13 U.S. Courts of Appeals, and the highest courts of Delaware, New York, and Texas.

By “commercial law”, we mean the stuff of disputes with or between large commercial actors. You know—antitrust, business torts, fights over corporate control, patent infringement, theft of trade secrets, and all kinds of complex contract showdowns.

The Contingency also delves into procedural and practical issues on which victory in business disputes may turn. Things like arbitration, class actions, fee arrangements, transfers of venue, and multi-district litigation.

In this post, we’ll catch you up on commercial decisions from the last month or so. Going forward, you’ll see weekly updates on Wednesdays as well as occasional topical posts.

Early reports of opinions will generally appear first as posts on weekdays at LinkedIn.

Now let’s get to the roundup!