We round up the most significant appellate decisions relevant to commercial litigation each week.

To celebrate the arrival of summer, I am trying an experiment.

In this post–which covers almost all of June–I’ve sorted commercial rulings by the U.S. Supreme Court, the U.S. Courts of Appeals, and a selection from the highest state courts according to subject matter.

The resulting headings group decisions by broadly descriptive categories (e.g., Antitrust and Intellectual Property) for quicker reference. As usual, you may access the decisions by clicking on the case summary itself.

Please let me know you find these signposts worthwhile.
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Standing nearby when what our banker friends call a liquidity event takes place can result in an influx of wealth. Who doesn't want that.

The opposite feeling takes hold for what we'll refer to as liability events. These usually involve the disappearance of money that belongs to Other People. Bankers like to distance themselves in those instances.