Shutterstock_119691289A way out of arbitration?

A new Ninth Circuit decision points to a possible way to avoid arbitration clauses in the take-it-or-leave-it "adhesion" contracts that electronic retailers post on their websites.

Online vendors want you to accept their terms of service. That way, you will bind yourself to a form contract that mainly favors the

Chief Justice Roberts

If you’ve thought about filing a business lawsuit in federal court or you have one underway already, you’ll probably want to read about two still-in-process studies by Columbia University and Harvard University law school professors on how the U.S. Supreme Court under Chief Justice John Roberts (2005-present) has treated business lawsuits, and how that treatment

Seventh Circuit Judge Richard Posner savaged a district court for approving a class action settlement that paid lead class counsel an $11 million fee while providing class members with benefits worth, in Judge Posner's reckoning, no more than $8.5 million. Eubank v. Pella Corp., No. 13-2091 (7th Cir. June 2, 2014).

The fact that

A 9-0 Supreme Court today ordered a federal district court to remand a case seeking restitution for all Missippians who overpaid for liquid crystal displays (LCDs) back to state court.

The lawsuit, by the Attorney General of Mississippi, accused LCD makers of conspiring to fix prices, in violation of Mississippi antitrust and consumer protection statutes.

The manufacturers removed

Dry MaxIn the proverb, the dog in the manger can't benefit from eating the feed he's found in the barn, but he snarls and bites at the other beasts who could digest it and will starve without it. If I can't get a meal, neither can any of you.

The story came to mind last week.