Well, even if some regulation is permissible, the kind of regulation that the FCC has done here is regulation that gives it complete discretion as to what kind of speech to go after and what not to go after; that it has not tied itself in any way to any kinds of standards. And, it's,

Snappy: General Kagan, do you feel odd when people call you general?

Kagan: No.  Should I?

Snappy: Just wondered.  [Aside:  Sheesh.]

Bitey: Because, I think my colleague seems to mean, you don't work in the military.  Never have.  Right?

Kagan: Well, no, I haven't.

Bitey: [To Snappy:  Zing!]

Snappy: How about when people called

The Senate Judiciary Committee lists these folks who'll testify for/against/about the nomination of Elena Kagan to replace Associate Justice John Paul Stevens:

American Bar Association Witnesses

Kim Askew, Chair, Standing Committee
William J. Kayatta, Jr., First Circuit Representative

Majority Witnesses

Professor Robert C. Clark, Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor, Austin Wakeman Scott