Public unions claimed that the Governor of Connecticut ran roughshod over their members' first amendment right to . . . join a union. They alleged that the Constitution State's chief executive used budget cuts and state-wide layoffs in 2003 as cover for firing 2,800 workers solely because they belonged to unions that refused to accept

Well, even if some regulation is permissible, the kind of regulation that the FCC has done here is regulation that gives it complete discretion as to what kind of speech to go after and what not to go after; that it has not tied itself in any way to any kinds of standards. And, it's,

Five years ago, Congress clamped down on small-time debtors by passing the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005.  The Act helped the consumer credit industry.  No longer could people wipe out credit card and other debt by filing for liquidation under Chapter 7.  They'd instead have to go under Chapter 13