The First Circuit sits in Boston. Which when Blawgletter went to law school called itself "The Hub". As in "Hub of the Universe". Which we found charming. Also troubling.

True, though? Kinda.

Today the court that sits in the Hub held that a qui tam — False Claims Act — claim about Harvard Medical School

Blawgletter recalls early on hearing about "the bow tie rule".  People who wear bow ties, the rule supposes, want to stand out.  They regard themselves as unique.  They desire others to see visible proof of their disdain for norms, wardrobe-wise and otherwise.  And you don't want them on your jury.  They'll tend to disagree with other

Blawgletter often handles business cases on a contingent fee basis.  We earn a percentage of the client's recovery.  No recovery, no fee.

But guess what?  The client may owe tax on the recovery.  Which could of course affect the client's net.  And the Internal Revenue Service may regard the entire recovery — including the contingent