David Boies said:

Sometimes when things are going well, you think they'll go on forever. Not everything bad you do hurts you, and not everything good you do helps you.

He had in mind a "serious" goof he made in the feds' antitrust case against Microsoft during the 1990s. He said he had deposed Bill Gates for two days and asked for a third, this one a week later. That, he said, "gave [Gates] an opportunity to go back and correct." But "[h]e didn't do that — sometimes you get lucky and your mistakes don't hurt you."

Which leaves Blawgletter scratching our head. The writer of the feature asked Boies to tell about how he'd messed up in the recent past. Boies harked back more than a decade. The example he chose — grilling the Richest Guy in the World — let him highlight a big shot moment in a high profile case that he won. And the flub Cost Him Nothing!

Now we get it.