A Seattle jury today hit Motorola with a $14 to $15 million damages award for bad faith in negotiating to license patents that Microsoft's Xbox and Windows products infringe.

The dispute involved patents that Microsoft holds on technologies relating to wireless local area networks and video coding.

Two standard-setting organizations (SSOs) incorporated the Motorola technologies into standards that they set — H.264 and 802.11

David Boies said:

Sometimes when things are going well, you think they'll go on forever. Not everything bad you do hurts you, and not everything good you do helps you.

He had in mind a "serious" goof he made in the feds' antitrust case against Microsoft during the 1990s. He said he had deposed Bill Gates for two

The Federal Circuit yesterday upheld almost all of a $240 judgment against Microsoft Corporation for willful patent infringement. 

U.S. District Judge Leonard A. Davis presided over a jury trial on i4i's claims.  He accepted findings of infringement and willfulness and the jury's verdict of $200 million in damages.  He also enhanced the award by $40 million, in part due to